History on the Go

Presented by Centerville-Washington History:

  • 45 minute learning modules
  • Provide learning opportunities about a specific topic
  • Each module is unique to the subject intended
  • Materials, scripts and supplies are included
  • Facilitated by CWH historians in the classroom or can be checked out

Topics Currently Available:

How Does It Work? – Then and Now
Artifacts of the 1800’s and 1900’s will be examined by taking a “Then and Now” approach using photographs, letters and books.  Emphasis will be placed on comparing and contrasting artifacts with tools we have today.  Participants will be encouraged to expand their thinking  to make connections between “then and now”.  (recommended for first grade)

Artifacts, What Is It?   (NEW) Investigating Artifacts: Video Editon now available (Contact MelissaCWH@sbcglobal.net for video links)
This learning module explores the various tools used by the settlers of the 1800’s and early 1900’s.  It is an interactive module where participants are asked to observe artifacts, discuss what they are, what they were used for and connect the past with the present using the artifacts.  This module includes a hands-off portion and hands-on portion, in which participants will be able to handle the artifacts and make discoveries.  (recommended for second grade)

Rockin’ Limestone 
The connection between limestone and our history will be the focus.  Participants will explore the quarries in Centerville-Washington Township using visuals and discuss how these quarries impacted our town.  There will be a hands-on portion in which participants handle and observe limestone.  (recommended for third grade)

It’s a Secret, The Underground Railroad
Go back in time and take a close look at the lives and experiences of those unnamed heroes who were part of  The Underground Railroad.  This module will allow participants to understand the tools and strategies of slaves, and those who helped them flee bondage and find safety.  A look at the events that helped to change society‘s view of slavery will be addressed through literature.  (recommended for fourth grade)

Moving West
What did folks mean when they said they were moving “west”?  Where were they going?  Why?  What challenges did they face?  Students watch the United States grow as newly acquired land is added tomap and settlers move to this area.  Participation in a role play about the experiences of the Munger family moving from Vermont to Centerville will help students make a connection with local history.  Artifacts like those the Mungers used will be explored.  (recommended for fifth grade)

Journey Back in Time: Historical Places 
One of our historians, using humor and a little bit of storytelling, will share the significance of several historical sites in Centerville-Washington Township.   A power point presentation will accompany thishistorical talk.  (recommended for sixth thru eighth grade)

Olde Tyme Quilts 
This presentation takes a closer look at the rich history quilting offers to our community. We will investigate the different styles and the symbolism of quilt designs.  Authentic quilts will be used to allow participants to experience the importance of quilting to the people of the 1800’s and 1900’s.  (recommended for all ages)

Games of the Past 
Participants will experience children’s games of the 1800’s and 1900’s.  This module will begin with a look at the recreation of the early settlers by use of literature followed by a short explanation of games and their history and concluding with an opportunity for participants to play the various games of the past.  (recommended for all ages) 




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Centerville-Washington History’s “History on the Go” was partially funded by the generosity of the The Dayton Foundation.