A Sense of Early Farm Life


A Sense of Early Farm Life


Experience the stories of this land.

Marvel over unique artifacts.

Learn how farming influenced our community.


Our newest exhibit at the Walton House will take you back to our roots. Grab a sickle, and plow through the time line of our community.

Early settlers farmed to feed their families on this land. By the mid-1800s, family farming was the primary occupation of the folks who lived here. In the early 1900s, gentlemen farming became an enterprising way to use the land; businessmen purchased acreage to run large, corporate farms.

Discover why, starting in the late 1940s, farmers began to sell their fields to developers for brand new shiny subdivisions. Walk through history and understand how although time changes everything, the values planted by the early farm community still run deep throughout our city and township.

Visit during museum hours.