Speaker Series

The 2020/2021 Speaker Series is Scheduled! 

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Centerville-Washington History

Speaker Series 2020-2021

** NOTE** Due to COVID-19 the speaker series will take place virtually. Videos will be available starting at 7pm on the scheduled dates on Facebook and YouTube. Video presentations will then be available for several months to view when convenient. Any questions you would like to address to the speakers may be sent to cwths@sbcglobal.net 


October 20, 2020

Gerrymandering - Manipulating the Boundaries of an Electoral Constituency

 Dennis Turner

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November 17, 2020

D. Ralph Young

 Amphibious march across the Pacific from the Aleutian Islands to Okinawa during WWII

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January 19, 2021

  Professor Jeff John

 Governor Cox & the National Road

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February 16, 2021


Speaker: Tim Gaffney, Author of "Dayton Beer"

Dayton Beer


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pdf map of Dayton Breweries



March 16, 2021

Nancy Garner

Women’s Suffrage

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April 20, 2021


Jim Charters

The Life & Times of John H. Patterson

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