Summer Youth Workshops


2024 "Time Travelers" Workshops



Old Tyme Woodworking                Tuesday, June 25 (9 am - noon)

Build a wooden birdhouse using old time woodworking tools from the 1800s.
Children will also learn to identify local birds.

A Summer Day of Work and Play          Wednesday, June 26  (9 am - noon)  

In the early 1800s, families came to Ohio ready to work. Try your hand at churning butter, using a washboard, and making tin lanterns.


School Days the Old Time Way          Thursday, June 27  (9 am - noon)  

Experience a one-room schoolhouse (c. 1890) using slates, writing with ink quill pens, and playing recess games.       


 Prairie Pastimes                Friday, June 28  (9 am - noon)  

Make crafts from the past. Children will make a  doll and yarn crafts to take home as well as explore recreation and games of the early pioneers.          



Workshops are for children entering grades 3, 4, or 5 in Fall 2024
Each workshop is $45 and includes all materials
Information and Registration form AVAILABLE HERE


Questions and more information: Carrie Burns, 937.291.2223 or email: