Joseph Fisk House

Joseph Fisk House

Remnants of perhaps the stone chimney were found buried on the south side between the fisk house and the two-story brick building on the property.

27 West Franklin Street
Centerville, OH 45459

Date:  Circa 1818.

Feature:  A single door is located asymmetrically on the south end of the east side of the building with a small 1/1 window centered on the opposite side.  The gable ends on the north and south have no openings.  A 1970s photo shows the stone work revealed in a small section on the north gable end, indicating the original line of an outside chimney and a flue hole.  The rest of the building's exterior was covered with plaster.  One of the owners said that much stone was found buried in a hole between the main house and the small stone building.  She surmised that it might have been stone from a chimney missing from the north exterior wall of the small building.  There are hand-hewn joists and pegged rafters inside.

 Owners:  The earliest deed for this property is dated August 22, 1818 when Benjamin Robbins, who was a first settler and platted the area, sold Lot 21 to his son-in-law, Joseph Fisk, for $150.  This price indicated a significant building was on the property.  A two-story brick house sits between this stone building and the street and may have been erected by this time. In addition to the Fisks, Henry Reeder, a blacksmith, owned the property from 1829 to 1873.  From 1874 to 1920, Nathan Lincoln and his wife owned the property and used the house for funerals.